Excellence Award 2014


CM Borges was distinguished by the Portuguese Government with the status of SME Excellence 2014 in a ceremony held on 26 January at the Europarque in Santa Maria da Feira.

Across the country, the status of SME Excellence in 2014 was awarded to 1845 companies, 67% more than the previous edition. Most of these units (51%) is in the North.

This is a distinction created by IAPMEI to reward the best business performance in various sectors of activity. Has a partnership with Tourism of Portugal and a set of nine banks.

Companies succeeded in 2013 financial results well above the national average. Based on this year are assigned the 2014 awards.

Only in sales – according to data Mad Money – SMEs awarded rose 15% on average over the previous year (the national average was 1%). In exports, the increase was 16% (against 6.4%). EBITDA increased 28% (12% in the rest of the companies). The financial autonomy of distinguished reached 54.5% (30% in the country’s average).

Who are they?

The universe of SME Excellence consists of exporters (60%), employ 38 workers, on average, and are located in the Port of districts (at the top), Lisbon, Aveiro and Braga. Are, above all, the industry sector (36%), but also of trade (29%) and tourism (13%), among others.

In the particular case of industry, the Aveiro-Porto-Braga axis concentrates more than 64% of the awarded companies. In the trade and construction is the Port in the lead of each segment. Lisbon is distinguished in the transport industry, services and tourism.

Even by sectors, it is the industry the primacy of employment, SMEs distinguished to have an average of 49 employees. Trade is the sector with higher productivity, with close to 250,000 euros of sales per employee.