CM Borges was founded in 1978 by Carlos Moreira Borges and continues to be a family owned and operated textile manufacturer specialized in 5PKT trousers.

As a privately and small company, CM Borges freely strives to implement its core philosophy of achieving success by being of service to its clients, an asset to its employees and a partner to its suppliers.

A heritage of hard work, integrity, and gratitude have clearly demonstrated that these character traits are CM Borges’s path to long term success. We believe that the best way to ensure a long life in the business is to treat every involved people as family.

In 2012 a fire without mercy tried to take everything we had established throughout our existence! This fire although to be big, was not as big as the character and humanism of Mr. Carlos Borges, who promised the same day that he would fight for reconstruction and social stability of workers up to the limit of his strength!

The factory was closed for just one week beyond the summer holiday period, and all employees returned their holidays (by own will) to help in whatever it takes …

In 2013… … … we lost Mr. Carlos Borges! It was won by a coward cancer!

He left with the sense of accomplishment and left the task of continuing with the dream of his life to his daughter that made the dream of his Father your own! Carla Borges.

The pictures help explain …

1- Before the fire

collage Fabrica

2- After the fire

collage fabrica 1

3- Cleaning the empty space in the neighborhood – provisory space

collage fabrica 2

4- The new Building

collage fabrica 3

5- …

Carlos Borges

We look forward to serving our current and potential clients with warmth and service that is unparalleled in the textile industry…